Fifth about The Seventh

O Amor Dá Voltas

O Amor Dá Voltas: its concept could go either way, but Marcos Bernstein’s film has a hard time deciding if it is a romantic comedy or a straight romance. This is most evident in the way that the protagonist behaves: he is a young doctor that spent a couple of years in Africa, exchanging love letters unknowingly with his girlfriend’s sister. Despite the erratic tone, the film is pleasurable, and the protagonist’s confusion, as well as his blindness to the obvious, is justifiable (and also, cliched). Igor Angelkorte plays the young man as a bit of a lovable fool. Juliana Didone, as the former girlfriend, and Cleo, as her freewheeling sister, are probably the least likely pair of sisters in a long time, but they are both engaging in their own way. The film is very economical with its use of locations and cast, but it makes great use of a very charming beach house in its final act. Good use of music, with the original score composed by Fabiano Krieger and Lucas Marcier.

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