Fifth about The Seventh

The Menu (2022)

The Menu: Mark Mylod, with this thriller, tries to answer what happens when you get a number of genuinely hateful people to have a pretentious dinner on an isolated island. The answer is nothing of consequence: the motivations don’t hold water, and there is very little point to it all. Ultimately, the film takes a quote from a character a bit too seriously: the price is for the experience, not the food. The movie is all about watching nasty, entitled people treat each other nastily. The exception is the heroine, someone who should not even be there. It helps she is so well-defended by Anya Taylor-Joy, who makes her a resourceful, no-nonsense woman. Ralph Fiennes, as the chef, is appropriately a (comics’) villain; Nicholas Hoult, as the man who takes the protagonist to this date in hell, is convincing as a man who deserves a punch or two from the get-go. The production designer Ethan Tobman creates a visually striking set and a number of equally striking (but unappetizing) dishes.

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