Fifth about The Seventh

Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes 2: Harry Bradbeer’s sequel to his own film has less of what made that film good and more of what made it bad. The mystery at the center of this film is confusing, trying hard and unconvincingly to tack in the mythos of Sherlock Holmes. On the other hand, the film spends less time exploring its entertaining protagonist, who remains a good and inspiring instance of an empowered (young) woman. Thematically is how this film shows itself to be a sequel to the original movie. Millie Bobby Brown is fine as the energetic protagonist, but mostly no one else is particularly remarkable. The sole exception is David Thewlis, as a policeman antagonizing the young protagonist and her famous brother. The period work of costume designer Consolata Boyle and production designer Michael Carlin are solid and colorful, but ultimately not memorable. Editor Adam Bosman keeps the film moving in a fast and entertaining clip, but a few action sequences are over-edited, making them visually confusing.

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