Fifth about The Seventh

Argentina, 1985

Argentina, 1985: Santiago Mitre’s film tells about the trials post-re-democratization in Argentina when the military leaders had to answer for their crimes against humanity. It follows mostly the chief prosecutor of the case, from his early reluctance and fear of defying the still powerful and popular armed forces. The ever-reliable Ricardo Darín plays him with the proper edge and reads the dialogue beautifully; his final speech is a great piece of writing, be it original from the trial or created for the film. Peter Lanzani, as his right-hand man, gives the character youthful energy. Alejandra Flechner, as the woman behind the man, is quite good, and Santiago Armas Estevarena, who plays his son, is quite smart and charming. The period work, by art director Micaela Saiegh and costume designer Mónica Toschi, is quite good, and cinematographer Javier Juliá captures it all elegantly, injecting a bit of color here and there.

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