Fifth about The Seventh

The Takeover

The Takeover: even the films that Annemarie van de Mond’s cyber-thriller copies here were themselves copies of films that, in all likelihood, were not all that good, to begin with. The tale of a white-hat hacker that accidentally bumps into a conspiracy is mildly entertaining but excessively generic, bringing nothing new to the table. The characters, all of them, are serially bad in making decisions to the point one wonders how they can be functioning members of society. Acting is, at best, middling: Holly Mae Brood (as the protagonist) and Géza Weisz (as her failed date) are almost OK, probably as good as it gets; Noortje Herlaar, playing a businesswoman at the heart of things, is very weak. The works of cinematographer Willem Helwig and composer Merlijn Snitker do very little to reduce the feeling that this is a very derivative film.

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