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The Yellow Ceiling (El Sostre Groc)

The Yellow Ceiling: hopefully, one day there won’t be a need for films such as Isabel Coixet’s documentary, but while sexual abuse continues to happen, it is essential that they continue to pop up. If they are as well structured and powerful as this one, so much the better. The film revolves around the testimonies of a number of women who, as teenagers, were molested by their teacher in a theater group. It is almost exemplary in describing the process from the ground up: a charismatic man in power, manipulating his pupils to abuse them, leading to forcing them to silence by suggesting it was all their fault, and the inaction of those in power to stop it all. The result is touching, stomach-turning, and enraging, all at the same time. Editor Mariona Solé Altimira mixes the interviews with a good amount of archival material, photos, and home videos, making it more rich visually.

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