Fifth about The Seventh

Diary of a Fleeting Affair (Chronique d’Une Liaison Passagère)

Diary of a Fleeting Affair: in this light and entertaining infidelity dramatic comedy, Emmanuel Mouret tells the story of a man and a woman intent on keeping their extramarital relationship exclusively sexual. In any case, they seem to enjoy their banter as much as they enjoy the sex; there is a lot of dialogue going on, and it’s all delightful and delightfully read by the two principals. Sandrine Kiberlain plays the decisive, strong single mother quite well; Vincent Macaigne owns this sort of role, a bumbling insecure man, and he delivers here yet again. Georgia Scalliet plays a small but crucial role very sweetly. Production designer David Faivre creates a number of very elegant spaces; cinematographer Laurent Desmet moves the camera alongside the cast in their many, many walk-and-talks, keeping the film visually dynamic and fresh.

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