Fifth about The Seventh

Paris (2008)

Paris: Cédric Klapisch’s light drama forms a mosaic with inhabitants of the City of Lights, barely connected stories centered around a man who discovers he is gravely ill and has his sister move with her kids to his house to help him. The issue is that most of those stories are not as developed or interesting as the main one; none of them is bad, but the sheer number of characters and their affairs end up being a bit of a detriment for the film as a whole. It is a large, and very fine cast: Romain Duris, as the dancer at the center of it all, has a properly frail look and an enchanting sad smile. Juliette Binoche, as his dedicated sister, manages to look lovely and very worn out. Fabrice Luchini does good work as the professor that falls in love with a student, played by the alluring Mélanie Laurent. The film looks beautiful, with cinematographer Christophe Beaucarne capturing Paris in all of its beauty.

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