Fifth about The Seventh


Bros: early on in Nicholas Stoller’s romantic comedy, the protagonist says he can’t write a gay rom-com because not all gay people are likable; the metalinguistic comment hits the nail on the head. The protagonist is a neurotic and insecure motormouth incapable of relationships, and while his defensiveness may be understandable, it still is rather annoying as a trait. A speech he gives late in the film almost salvages his sympathy. Almost. In any case, the story is a typical rom-com, filled with misunderstandings, colorful supporting characters, charming locations, pop songs, etc. Billy Eichner plays well the abrasive protagonist; Luke Macfarlane, as his love interest, is a more conventional character, attractive and likable, but not fully developed. The film is quite polished and makes good use of the rom-com-generic locations in New York City and beyond.

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