Fifth about The Seventh

Mi Iubita Mon Amour

Mi Iubita Mon Amour: it is a delicate and intimist tale told by Noémie Merlant in this drama. The film follows four friends, who travel from France to Romania for the bachelorette party of one of them, only to find themselves stranded after their car is stolen. The film gets a bit heavy-handed with one aspect of the story, needlessly as the idea that those friends belong to a completely different world than the family they meet is already pretty clear. Nevertheless, the way the story evolves is quite touching. Acting is quiet (for the most part) and effective: Merlant herself plays the pensive bride, and Gimi Covaci plays the young man that helps her group. Cinematographer Evgenia Alexandrova shoots the film with a very tight handheld camera, keeping the viewer too close to the action, a place where they don’t belong; that discomfort matches how the characters feel. Composer Saycet’s musical score has what feels like an appropriate local flavor.

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