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The Glance of Music (Ennio)

The Glance of Music: the subject of Giuseppe Tornatore’s documentary, the composer Ennio Morricone, is inarguably one of the greatest geniuses to have worked in cinema, regardless of their discipline. His work is expressive, beautiful, original. Even if the film was simply a sequence of Morricone’s greatest hits, it would be a great journey, but the film is centered around a long interview, where he explores his work (and his life, but only to the extent it informs his music) with great detail, being technical as he explains his choices. That is complemented by a huge number of other interviews, of directors he worked with, other composers and musicians, actors, producers, and celebrities who double up as fans. It is a superb work of editing, by Massimo Quaglia and Annalisa Schillaci, who also use scenes from films, television, and footage of the maestro conducting; they never miss a chance of cutting to the music, which makes this a vibrant piece of filmmaking. The film is, naturally, a love letter to the man and his work, and by association, to music and cinema themselves.

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