Fifth about The Seventh

A Summer’s Tale (Conte d’Été)

A Summer’s Tale: Éric Rohmer focuses on fleeting summer romances in this delightful, breezy drama. The protagonist is charming but shy almost to the point of being curt, yet he finds himself juggling for the attention of multiple women. The film is dialogue-heavy, and the conversations are always very insightful about their personalities and views on love and life in general. Melvil Poupaud plays the protagonist with charm and just the right amount of awkwardness. Amanda Langlet plays the smart young woman that befriends him with solar energy; her luminous smile is the brightest thing in the film. Gwenaëlle Simon is fine as the sexier woman vying for his attention. Aurelia Nolin is appropriately histrionic as his somewhat self-centered almost-girlfriend of before. Summertime Brittany is nicely captured by cinematographer Diane Baratier; the film unfurls in lengthy takes, with minimal cuts, allowing the dialogue to flow naturally.

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