Fifth about The Seventh

Boiling Point (2021)

Boiling Point: there is not much of a story, per se, in Philip Barantini’s drama; the film follows a particularly busy night for the restaurant and for the characters, but one that is probably not that far off from the norm. Not much background is given, and most dramas are already partway through. What set this apart is the way it was shot, by cinematographer Matthew Lewis; the film unfurls in one single, lengthy take, with the camera dancing around the many characters (the chef, mostly, but members of the kitchen staff and wait staff, as well as some clients) and switching partners often. It doesn’t feel gratuitous; the single take doesn’t give much time for the viewer to breathe, and that is a reflection of how a high-level restaurant (or at least the one portrayed) operates day in and day out. The whole cast does fine if unspectacular work. Stephen Graham creates a character tethering at the edge, a surprisingly humane chef. Vinette Robinson, as his supportive right hand in the kitchen, is quite good.

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