Fifth about The Seventh

Stay Still (Stillstehen)

Stay Still: there is nothing novel, or interesting, about the protagonist of Elisa Mishto’s drama. She is, in short, a minor sociopath; her quirks are unexplored, as well as the motivation for her delinquencies. It may be a bit refreshing to see it all be unexplained and her go on with her ways without a big epiphanic transformation, but it makes for dull viewing. The second protagonist doesn’t fare much better, but at least she is a mildly less repellent character. Casting and acting are both actually good: Natalia Belitski, as the rich girl main character, has a strikingly elegant figure and projects the coldness and intelligence asked by the role. Her counterpart, played by Luisa-Céline Gaffron, couldn’t be more physically different, and she plays well as the nurse who struggles with motherhood and the expectations thrown on her shoulders. The editing team (Beatrice Babin, Philipp Ostermann, Cristiano Travaglioli) extracts some welcome moments of dry humour out of the action.

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