Fifth about The Seventh

Love Affair (1939)

Love Affair: it is impressive how tight and compelling Leo McCarey’s classic romantic romp is; the characters are fleshed enough to tell the story well, and not more. The story doesn’t linger either, moving briskly from the protagonists’ meet-cute to their blossoming romance and beyond; when the film reaches its crucial moments, it is a very emotional affair. Acting is top-notch: Irene Dunne creates a charming, no-nonsense nightclub singer who knows exactly what she wants and how she likes it. Charles Boyer is smoothness personified as the playboy who shows he can be as caring as he is alluring. Maria Ouspenskaya has a short participation as his loving grandmother. The film is nicely put together, with the costume design doing a lot of work in both making both leads as attractive as possible while also giving them their character. No wonder this romantic story is often revisited.

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