Fifth about The Seventh

Vanishing (Baenising: Mijesageon)

Vanishing: a portion of Denis Dercourt’s thriller may be a bit too dependent on one particular coincidence, but besides that, it is an efficient little film. Interestingly enough, the first thing the film does is to present its antagonists, so the film is not as much a whodunit, but rather a race against time to avoid new victims. The film’s tightness doesn’t allow for much of an exploration of the characters or themes, alas. The cast plays the emotions pretty close to their vests; both Olga Kurylenko, as the forensic expert, and Yoo Yeon-seok, as the police officer in charge of the investigation, are quietly efficient, if unremarkable. Editor Valentin Féron keeps the film moving at a brisk pace and cinematographer Jérôme Lemonnier gives it a dark, moody look to match its noir proclivities.

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