Fifth about The Seventh

Bullet Train

Bullet Train: there is a lot going on in David Leitch’s comedy actioner, and not much of it makes sense. But the story was not the point anyway; instead, this movie is about watching a bunch of colorful characters, killers and schemers all, try to outsmart and outfight each other. It helps immensely that the cast is colorful and diverse as well. Brad Pitt plays the newfound zen side of his character well, making him awkward and (by comparison) lovable, a solid hero for this particular tale. Joey King is adequately inscrutable as the unlikely great schemer behind some of the events. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry are funny as a pair of twins. Sanada Hiroyuki is dignified as an old man on the train, obviously more than he appears. The film goes for a bubble-gum aesthetics, as production designer David Scheunemann creates many different-looking wagons in what could have been a boring setting. Cinematographer Jonathan Sela enhances that with the lights used. Editor Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir keeps the mayhem moving along, creates some entertaining fight scenes, uses a lot of good music, and generally makes this a dynamic popcorn film.

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