Fifth about The Seventh

Romantic Guide to Lost Places (Guida Romantica a Posti Perduti)

Romantic Guide to Lost Places: road movies commonly puts two (or more) opposing characters traveling together. The protagonists of Giorgia Farina’s film are not quite opposites: both are broken people, although each in their own way. The main issue, however, is that the decision to make a trip together is unconvincing, so much so it seems they’re just moving in parallel, not together. The characters don’t have chemistry of any kind, they just happen to be in the same car going to the same destinations. There is also some poetic beauty to having broken characters visiting broken places, but it is barely explored. At least, the film visits some really interesting and unusual locations. Jasmine Trinca is OK as an agoraphobic travel blogger, while Clive Owen does a very convincing drunk.

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