Fifth about The Seventh

Leonora Addio

Leonora Addio: Paolo Taviani’s film is a letter of appreciation to dramatist Luigi Pirandello; it doesn’t really tell his story, instead transforming his burial and subsequent transfer of remains to Sicily into an absurdist tale, and mixing it with some of his work and words. This is a very rigorous film: for the most part, it is shot in glorious black-and-white by cinematographers Paolo Carnera and Simone Zampagni, both beautifully framed and lit. It is, however, a very slow-moving film, with just a loose story and intent holding it all together. Producer designer Emita Frigato creates some visually striking sets. The performances are low-key, another element that contributes to making this such a ponderous, opaque, and emotionally morose experience.

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