Fifth about The Seventh

Aline (2021)

Aline: the story told by Valérie Lemercier in this film is freely inspired by Céline Dion’s trajectory; as told here, it is an interesting but rather wholesome and conflict-free story. It is somewhat refreshing to see an artist without any major crisis being portrayed, but the film is nevertheless a bit emotionally flat. Lemercier herself portrays the main character (curiously enough, even as a child, which is quite a peculiar choice that takes some getting used to) and she gets the physical side of Dion’s stage antics well; it is a solid performance. Sylvain Marcel, as the man she loves and who launched her career, gives a quietly dignified performance. Danielle Fichaud, as her protective mother, is the best of the bunch, being emotional and funny. The film has good production values, with competent production and costume designs by Emmanuelle Duplay and Catherine Leterrier respectively, as well as good aging make-up work for most characters.

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