Fifth about The Seventh

A Suspeita

A Suspeita: the plot of Pedro Peregrino’s crime drama is a bit confusing, but it is somewhat justified, as the protagonist and conductive thread of the film discovers she has an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Her own lack of clarity is, of course, justified; the film uses that as a bit of a crutch to be unclear at times, but if the details of her investigation are murky, the big picture is clear enough. Glória Pires is in good shape as the tenacious policewoman who, in spite of everything, wants to conclude her investigation. Cinematographer Fabrício Tadeu conjures some extended shots that make sense for the protagonist and generally is able to showcase her confusion. Editor Joana Collier keeps the pace moving at the same time as she keeps that feeling in place. Composer Edson Secco musical score is a typical entry for the genre.

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