Fifth about The Seventh

Boundaries (Pays)

Boundaries: there are two halves to Chloé Robichaud’s drama: a trade deal negotiation, and the personal issues of three women who participate in it. Both parts could be engaging, but they barely inform each other, to the point that the set of characters could be completely unrelated. Ultimately, everything feels undercooked. The film also gets a bit heavy-handed, both in the story’s development and with some of its performances. Emily VanCamp may be the one that suffers the most because of it; Macha Grenon and Nathalie Doummar fare a bit better, but unfortunately neither gives a particularly solid performance, either. Cinematographer Jessica Lee Gagné captures the isolation and desolation of the setting beautifully. Composer Simon Bertrand’s jazzy musical score is certainly an unusual, but interesting choice.

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