Fifth about The Seventh


Lightyear: the concept of Angus MacLane’s film sounds almost too convoluted and cute: the origin story of the character that would be made into a toy that was made famous by a certain franchise. However, that line of thought does the film a disservice, as it is a delightful space adventure that showcases why this eponymous character became that toy character. Those are not supposed to be the exact same, just a blueprint, a nuance that may be lost. Chris Evans’ voice acting projects the self-confidence bordering on arrogance, as well as the open-hearted heroism. Uzo Aduba brings a lot of humanity to his best friend, while Keke Palmer is lively as her granddaughter. The animation is stunning, with very well-designed characters (who for the most part age well) and environments. Michael Giacchino’s musical score references all the famous and recognizable themes one might expect. This is not as thematically rich as some of Pixar’s usual outputs, but it still is a romp.

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