Fifth about The Seventh

John From

John From: this dramedy by João Nicolau looks at the lazy summer vacations of a teenage woman, as she becomes enamored with an older neighbor, and how that infatuation changes her relationship with her parents and her best friend. It is an easy enough story to relate to, and the energy it’s told, as well as the fantasy the protagonist has, makes this a distinctive entry to the genre. Júlia Palha, who plays the protagonist, is quite charming and transmits the boredom of the character during those quiet days; it is, in any case, a somewhat offputting performance due to the tone of the film. Clara Riedenstein, playing her best friend, is fine. The editors, Alessandro Comodin and João Nicolau himself, showcase the emptiness of the world that fosters the need for fantasy by extending the shots a tiny bit; the director of photography Mário Castanheira pulls some interesting camera movements.

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