Fifth about The Seventh

Moving On (Nammaeui Yeoreumbam)

Moving On: Yoon Dan-bi’s familial drama quietly observes an extended family of five; it is a sweet but impoverished family, so there is a bit of a crisis, but the prevalent feeling is a deep love between all members. The film is more of a slice-of-life observational piece than plot-heavy, quietly looking at the characters and their interactions, both demonstrations of affection and the rare moments of infighting. At its center is the daughter, played by Choi Jung-un with restraint (until it isn’t anymore, justifiably so); Yang Heung-ju plays her father, a caring but somewhat incapable man; Park Seung-jun plays the young and lively brother. Editor Won Chang-jae keeps the long and neutral takes of cinematographer Kim Ji-hyeon run uncut, giving an unhurried but never uninteresting look at the action.

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