Fifth about The Seventh

Titane (2021)

Titane: to her credit, Julia Ducournau embraces the unhinged, brutal nature of her protagonist and creates a film that is hard to watch, but it goes off in such weird directions that it’s hard to not watch it either. The film tells the story of an unlikely bond, between a man so desperate to have his son back that anything is fair game and a woman with an unhealthy dose of hate in here. That, however, only covers the basic of the basic, as the film will make sure to shock and surprise at every opportunity. Agathe Rousselle is very good as the completely-out-there young woman, as is Vincent Lindon. Director of photography Ruben Impens lights the action with plenty of color, frames the action with great precision to maximize the impact, and moves the camera nicely too. His work creates beauty in opposition to the shock and horror of the story.

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