Fifth about The Seventh

Becoming Cousteau

Becoming Cousteau: what an apt title Liz Garbus’s documentary has: without hiding Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s shortcomings and missteps, the film shows how he evolved to become one of the most famous and important environmentalists of the world. Regardless of that status, he is quite an interesting character, a multi-talented man who recorded his life on camera from a young age. So even before his films and TV shows, there was a wealth of material to dig from, and editor Pax Wassermann builds an engaging and reasonably insightful narrative using archival footage, newspaper clips, and interviews new and old. The images, of scenes underwater, of the wildlife, and of life with his crew, are all looking very good and very attractive. The music, by composers Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans, is beautiful and relaxing, a good fit for the visuals.

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