Fifth about The Seventh

Delicious (Délicieux)

Delicious: Éric Besnard’s account of the birth of the first restaurant is charming enough; this is a slick film, which looks pretty good, but it’s harmless and inconsequential as well. The main star of the film is the inn where most of it takes place; it is both a well-chosen location, charmingly designed and decorated by production designer Bertrand Seitz, even if it feels a bit anachronistic. The protagonist was well cast and is played with gruff charm by Grégory Gadebois, a bear of a man who convinces as a dedicated cook. Isabelle Carré, as his mysterious apprentice, is fine. Benjamin Lavernhe is appropriately petulant as the antagonist. Cinematographer Jean-Marie Dreujou lights the set giving it a fantasy-like, dream-like warmth that makes sense to build the space. Composer Christophe Julien’s musical score also feels right for the material.

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