Fifth about The Seventh

Sacro GRA

Sacro GRA: Gianfranco Rosi’s documentary about inhabitants of the area surrounding the eponymous Rome highway shows its strength as most subjects are deserving of more time and focus. That, of course, may double as a weakness as well, but the caring, non-judgmental look at the small slices of these people’s lives proves itself to be very humane. To say they are all colorful is reductionist: these are people of various stations and backgrounds, living trying to live their lives quietly and to the fullest. The tone is naturally somewhat melancholic, not particularly because these are sad people, but because life can be hard. Editor Jacopo Quadri bounces between each one of the many characters, creating that way some curiosity of how they are doing when they are not on-screen. The images, shot by Rosi himself, have a quiet, contemplative quality to them.

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