Fifth about The Seventh

Happy Together (Chun Gwong Cha Sit)

Happy Together: changing the setting of this film from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires does little to change Wong Kar Wai’s sensibilities: the on-again-off-again love story between two displaced young men still deals with isolation and loneliness as they sail through the night. Acting is very good: Leslie Cheung, as the volatile, somewhat dandy and scorning half, is quite charming; Tony Leung Chiu-wai, as the oft-scorned and angry half, is well portrayed as someone rougher around the edges. Lanky Chang Chen has a good presence as well. Cinematographer Christopher Doyle once more uses his full toolbox, mixing various stocks, using very diverse framing, and as such creating colorful, evocative images that can almost, almost be too beautiful to the point of being distracting. Production designer William Chang Suk Ping provides him with a beautiful space to play with.

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