Fifth about The Seventh


Benedetta: the title character of Paul Verhoeven’s entertaining biopic is certainly very interesting: a nun straddling the line between a con woman and a delusional martyr (the film smartly doesn’t really take sides), all the while having a forbidden love affair with another member of her religious order. The director famously doesn’t shy away from being graphical, but the film is far from being as scandalous as made out. Virginie Efira’s looks make her casting quite smart as someone who sees herself as touched by the divine, and she navigates the self-confidence of the character quite well; Daphné Patakia is quite good as her seductress of a companion. Charlotte Rampling is regal as the abbess of the order, and Lambert Wilson is sleazy as the religious figure responsible for looking into Benedetta’s case. Cinematographer Jeanne Lapoirie beautifully captures the images in low light. Editor Job ter Burg gives it a very good pace.

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