Fifth about The Seventh

Marighella (2021)

Marighella: this film, directed by Wagner Moura, is less telling the whole trajectory of Carlos Marighella, focusing instead on the hunt for him by the security forces of the dictatorial regime that was in power at that point. One of the effects is that the film is very light on character insights. The film is earnest as it debates if, when, and how much violence is appropriate to be used in the fight against the military regime. However, it squanders all that with a very caricatural, cartoony villain, as if there weren’t perfectly good reasons to condemn the dictatorship; the film drags because of those scenes, particularly towards the end. To make matters worse, Bruno Gagliasso gives a horrible, heavy-handed performance as the policeman leading the manhunt. The other performances are fine, starting with Seu Jorge as the title character. The film has solid period recreation and the work of cinematographer Adrian Teijido, dynamic and intense, gives the film its thriller feel.

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