Fifth about The Seventh


Eternals: it is hard to shake the sense that Chloé Zhao’s entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just a generic knock-off. The group of heroes is too large to be explored individually beyond the most superficial, and the same can be said about their relationships; also, their powers can be traced back to other heroes in the MCU and beyond, and their tacky uniforms do them no favors. For a casual comic fan, this one sounds like a fringe, unimaginative, and dull group. Their adventure is also derivative and told in a fractured way that slows everything down to a crawl. The cast is large and diverse, centered around Gemma Chan, who makes the most out of what she can; Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, and Richard Madden are not so lucky. In fact, it is Harish Patel, in a very minor role as a butler, who steals the show. Cinematographer Ben Davis conjures some beautiful images.

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