Fifth about The Seventh

Tokyo Godfathers (Tookyoo Goddofaazaazu)

Tokyo Godfathers: in some ways, Kon Satoshi’s animated film is a typical, if unusual, Christmas tale: coincidences, with a mild touch of magical realism, conspire so everything will be all right. The (proper) realism is strong and the non-judgemental look at the trio of central characters makes this a very interesting experience. They are a complex and diverse bunch, united by their will to run away from each of their respective pasts but also by innate desire to do the right thing. The animation is quite beautiful, mostly in muted colours; the settings are detailed and a very realistic representation of Tokyo. The characters, in particular the main trio, are likewise very distinctive-looking; their design is mostly realistic, except when their strongest emotions take control and it becomes much more anime-like. Voice acting (by Okamoto Aya, Emori Tooru, and Umegaki Yoshiaki) is solid.

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