Fifth about The Seventh

Radioactive (2019)

Radioactive: to say that Marie Curie was a trailblazer is an understatement; Marjane Satrapi’s biopic follows the factual journey, but her film does little to provide much insight into the person. As portrayed by Rosamund Pike, Mme. Curie was intensely dedicated to her work, but little else can be learned; the performance is fine, but the limitations from the page limit its range. The film also has a very heavy-handed posture against the legacy of her science, focusing mostly on the nefarious uses of radioactivity in snippets that add nothing to the story as a whole. The film’s period recreation (both costumes and sets) is competent but unspectacular; cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle over-lits and often abuses the colours. More interesting is the musical score, by Evgueni and Sacha Galperine; their work ranges from the classical to eerier, science-fiction-like pieces every once in a while.

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