Fifth about The Seventh

Better Days (Shaonian de Ni)

Better Days: Derek Kwok-cheung Tsang looks at a moment which is, at the best of times, extremely hard: getting out of high school and stepping into some sort of adulthood. The protagonist of this drama is far from the best of times: she is a dedicated and intelligent girl, but the target of a bullying gang, and she needs to form an unlikely friendship to survive. It’s a beautiful friendship, born of necessity but grown into something truly touching. Zhou Dongyu, as the main character, and Jackson Yee, as the young petty criminal that befriends her, give beautiful performances, filled with pain and fear, but also display chemistry. Zhou Ye creates a hateful villain. The film is beautifully shot by Yu Jing Pin, who keeps the camera close to the characters as if sharing their lives and hopes. Editor Zhang Yibo keeps the film moving and builds a few parallel sequences that raise the emotional charge.

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