Fifth about The Seventh

The Man Who Sold His Skin (Al-Rajul Al-Dhy Bae Zahrih)

The Man Who Sold His Skin: Kaouther Ben Hania takes a shot at many different things with her drama, first and foremost at the art world that can go to any lengths to transform anything into an installation, no matter how absurd it can be. Added to that, the living work of art described by the title is a Syrian refugee, so some focus falls into that as well. However, it’s not particularly insightful about either of those things even if it is mildly entertaining. Yahya Mahayni, as the sentimental man that will do anything for love, is quite good; he balances disbelief, anger, and lovey-dovey eyes efficiently. Koen De Bouw is good as an artist who knows (or respects) no boundaries. Dea Liane and Monica Bellucci are not asked for much. Cinematographer Christopher Aoun is working on over-drive, conjuring images that are stylized, filled with misdirection and duplicity; it can be a bit too much.

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