Fifth about The Seventh

The Forty-Year-Old Version

The Forty-Year-Old Version: the crisis felt by Radha Blank (or, at least, the film version of herself) in this dramedy is relatable to many: grief, a huge age milestone incoming, a professional career going nowhere, all coming together to form a perfect storm. The storyline is nothing new, but it still has enough freshness to warrant a visit. The protagonist is interesting, in part for being the sort of character most often relegated to a supporting role if not ignored altogether. She is well-defended by Blank herself (naturally), who clearly can read dialogue as well as she can write, and rhyme to boot. The supporting players are somewhat uneven, mostly leaning towards the comedic side. The film sets itself apart with its aesthetic choices: essentially in black-and-white with dynamic camerawork that avoids getting tiresome (by cinematographer Eric Branco); editor Robert Grigsby Wilson gives the film a brisk, snappy pace.

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