Fifth about The Seventh

I’m No Longer Here (Ya No Estoy Aquí)

I’m No Longer Here: this modest drama by Fernando Frías de la Parra is touching on two different levels. In itself, the journey of the protagonist, who is forced to leave his home behind and is bullied for his tastes in music and clothes, is sad enough. The other layer is as sad: a whole community being dominated by the narco-traffic and being forced to abandon its identity. The film juggles two narratives (in a solid work by editor Yibran Asuad), what forced him to leave and what happened afterward, which increases the power of the storytelling. Most performers are non-professional, and it shows, as their limited range mar the power of the film. The protagonist is played by Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño, who looks great for the role and certainly nails the dancing aspects; his emoting, while appropriate in some moments (teenager defiance and all), feels limiting in some key moments.

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