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One Night in Miami…

One Night in Miami…: Regina King’s telling of the fictionalized meeting of four titanic figures is an entertaining experience; the four were united by their friendship and race, and divided on how to use their status in the struggle for equality. That constant push-and-pull, the solid dialogue, and the on-point performances add up to this very watchable and thought-provoking film. The four center performances are quite good, both at emulating the speech patterns and at putting the characters in the right emotional states: Kingsley Ben-Adir as the ferocious Malcolm X, Eli Goree as the flamboyant Cassius Clay, Aldis Hodge as the focused Aldis Hodge, Leslie Odom Jr. as the smooth Sam Cooke. The film disguises well (but doesn’t wholly hide) its origin as a theater play, with director of photography Tami Reiker and editor Tariq Anwar lending some dynamism to the action.


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