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On the Rocks

On the Rocks: Sofia Coppola’s easygoing film tells a deceptively simple story, but as the pair of daughter and father run around town in their possible adultery investigation, it takes a good look at their relationships, between themselves and others. The main character, a young mother who starts to doubt the fidelity of her husband, is fine enough, and Rashida Jones gives a charming, confident performance. It is Bill Murray’s character, however, who is truly interesting: the softness and affection that he brings to the performance make him bearable, lovable even; in other hands, this man who spews random factoids to justify his own shortcomings could have been hard to swallow. As their acting is modulated, however, their chemistry is great, a joy to watch. Aesthetically, the film is unassuming and elegant, with cinematographer Philippe Le Sourd capturing dreamy New York beautifully. The original musical score by Phoenix provides a good exercise in complementary opposites, as their electronic music sounds interesting next to some of the more traditional songs that appear here and there.

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