Fifth about The Seventh

What We Wanted (Was Wir Wollten)

What We Wanted: this small drama, by Ulrike Kofler, is touching, in spite of being somewhat cold, emotionally detached. It avoids falling into the melodramatic, as it tells a story of the opposing (minor) hells of parenthood, getting unwanted kids and not getting wanted children, and how it affects all those around. The film has an interesting group of characters going through the story. The performances are generally low-key but effective: Lavinia Wilson is quite good as the protagonist, a woman in desperate want of a child, mastering the sad eyes and empty smiles; Elyas M’Barek is likewise good as her not-so-invested partner. Iva Höpperger, as the small girl orbiting their vacations, is charming. Aesthetically, the film reinforces the coldness of the story with a neutral and patient camerawork by cinematographer Robert Oberrainer.

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