Fifth about The Seventh

Claire’s Camera (Keulleeoeui Kamera)

Claire’s Camera: Hong Sang-soo’s film is so minimalist there’s not much of anything here; it is very short and economically made, the story is barely a whisper, the characters are few and generally quite simple, the setting is a generic B-side of Cannes. The structure adds some complexity and dubiousness to the narrative, mostly in the correct chronology of the episodes that make up the film. Acting is pretty low-key, and there is an awkwardness with the dialogue, as most of the time, the characters are trying to communicate not in their native languages. Isabelle Huppert and Kim Min-hee are okay, while Jung Jin-young is probably the standout of the cast, as his is a somewhat more colorful role. Aesthetically, the film goes for the functional, embracing a “guerrilla filmmaking” feel.

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