Fifth about The Seventh

Lost in Paris (Paris Pieds Nus)

Lost in Paris: directors Abel and Gordon’s comedy is charming, wholesome, touching, and not one bit less funny in the process. The story of a stranger looking for herself as much as she is looking for her elderly is aptly described both by the original and international titles. The comedy, always gently absurd, ranges from the inspired visual bits (very reminiscent of Tati, including the subtle use of aural cues) to a good-natured exchange of verbal barbs. Co-director Fiona Gordon is all elbows and knees, quite good at the physical comedy aspects, and effectively projects the emotional side; her directing partner Dominique Abel is likewise quite good, with his sad-puppy and minorly mischievous eyes. Emmanuelle Riva is very touching as the woman that is somewhat losing her faculties (or maybe not); she shares a lovely dancing scene with Pierre Richard. The film is well shot (by cinematographers Claire Childeric and Jean-Christophe Leforestier) and edited (by Sandrine Deegen); the comedy would not work so well if that wasn’t the case, and the magic, fantasy-like Paris gives the film a perfect setting. Very good use of music.

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