Fifth about The Seventh

Three Summers (Três Verões)

Three Summers: the concept of Sandra Kogut’s drama, a look at how a corruption scandal affects the lives of people very marginal to it (in particular blue-collar workers), is interesting. However, the episodic nature of the film turns out to be a hindrance more than an asset; each summer takes too long to take off and to clarify how the situation fits in the whole. Besides, they are, to be blunt, not particularly engaging. The main character, hard-working but almost unbearably chirpy and nosey, rings true; she is played very close to comedy (until it’s not, in a magnificent scene) by Regina Casé, in a very fine performance. Acting is generally solid, but the only supporting performance that truly stays is the portrayal of a pained father by Rogério Fróes. Visually, the film feels very un-cinematic, with the images mostly washed-out and cheap-looking.

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