Fifth about The Seventh

Offering to the Storm (Ofrenda a la Tormenta)

Offering to the Storm: the third film of the Baztán trilogy, once more directed by Fernando González Molina, loses its way as it grows the role of all-powerful supranatural-of-sorts elements. The mythology of the location is thrown overboard, the story gets more and more confusing and, above all, the film doesn’t show any of the tension seen in the previous entries as it limps towards an unsatisfying conclusion. Marta Etura is again quite good as the protagonist, a strong and persistent detective, and the role at least gives her more dimension of the character to explore. Leonardo Sbaraglia is very smooth, but the character he plays simply is not convincing. Cinematographer Xavi Giménez moves the camera around nicely, but his shots do not allow for any tension build-up; the film abuses the color correction, if for no other reason than to give it a different visual identity than the previous films. The editing of Verónica Callón doesn’t help, as it keeps the film overlong and constantly with low energy.

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The Invisible Guardian

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