Fifth about The Seventh

The Invisible Guardian (El Guardián Invisible)

The Invisible Guardian: films about serial-killers, more often than not, follow a well-trodden path; Fernando González Molina’s film, in that sense, lacks in freshness, but it’s a very competent entry to the genre (if one doesn’t get too entangled in some details). The main character, a strong, smart and persistent female policeman (with a past) is a staple, and she is well-defended by Marta Etura; it’s not a deep character or role, but she is convincing. The rest of the cast is fine, but no one stands out one way or another. Below the line is where the film shines, as it very ably constructs the sinister mood; composer Fernando Velázquez’s musical score is an important element, but it’s cinematographer Flavio Martínez Labiano’s images, mostly with mist or heavy rain (water is thematically relevant for the film, in a way), that is setting the tone. The quaint little old town and the woods that surround it make for a fine setting for the genre.



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