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The Legacy of the Bones (Legado en los Huesos)

The Legacy of the Bones: in this sequel to his serial-killer thriller, Fernando González Molina expands on the mythology of the place and the protagonist’s family. However, mixing two mysteries with all that makes the story lose some of its clarity, even if the tension remains high. Some of the new faces seem to be preparing the ground for the third film of this trilogy, but the film suffers for not knowing what to do with them right now. Marta Etura’s character, now a mother, calls for a new dimension, and she projects some new softness; Carlos Librado ‘Nene’ is fine as her loyal sidekick; Benn Northover is merely OK as her oft-neglected husband. The film is well-put-together, with cinematographer Xavi Giménez and editor Verónica Callón working to create images and sequences of spooky suspense; the color correction foregoes the green tint of the first one to something more relevant to the antagonists’ forces and goals in play.

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