Fifth about The Seventh

French Tour (Tour de France)

French Tour: Rachid Djaïdani’s road-movie follows the usual route of putting two opposites together during their journey; in this case, a young rapper and a middle-aged xenophobe. While a bit simplistic and easy on its conclusion, the middle ground those two men find, art in general, allows for some interesting takes; also, the relationship each of them has with their art of choice makes them rounder, richer characters. Gérard Depardieu, of course, has recently built a new career of playing characters with a hard shell and soft core, and he is very good here; Sadek’s performance is merely OK, as he is able to project the character’s ferocity when performing his music, but is a bit too inert otherwise. Cinematographer Luc Pagès’ images are off the beaten track, more focused on the characters and avoiding the overly attractive, all the more welcome for it.

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