Fifth about The Seventh

Lost Bullet (Balle Perdue)

Lost Bullet: Guillaume Pierret’s action film is without any frills or complications; the story is simple, the characters are plain and one-dimensional. However, it is efficient in what it tries to do; it also recognizes the value of a simple, old-fashioned car chase, one that does not need missiles or cars jumping out of airplanes into skyscrapers to be exciting. Naturally, the cast only has so much to work with, given the nature of their characters; Alban Lenoir is convincing as the wiry, wrongly-accused, and loyal man; so is Nicolas Duvauchelle as the sleazy, oily villain. Well put-together, with efficient cinematography by the director of photography Morgan S. Dalibert and fast-paced editing by Sophie Fourdrinoy.

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